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Pan American Sports Organization

The PAN AMERICAN SPORTS ORGANIZATION ((PASO)) is the body that represents the
National Olympic Committees of the countries in the American continent and the Caribbean. Its main objective is the realization of the Pan American Games every four years.

The XLIV PASO GENERAL ASSEMBLY chaired by PASO President, Mario Vasquez Rana, took place in Buenos Aires in May this year with the Organizing Committee of the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007 (CO-RIO) presenting a detailed report on the organization of the multisport event, scheduled for the period July 13 to 29, 2007.

The Pan American Games program started with 19 sports in the 1951 edition, and in 2003 in Santo Domingo it featured 35 sports. The main source for any edition of the Pan American
Games is the program of the next Olympic Games. Therefore, the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007 will forcefully contain the 28 sports of the 2008 Beijing Games, in China. In the XLIII PASO General Assembly, in August, 2005, in Rio de Janeiro, the Organization confirmed Futsal
(men’s) and included Bowling, Karate, Skating (Artistic and Speed), Squash and Water Skiing in the program of the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007.

All over the Pan American region, sports federations forming the National Olympic Committees are planning for their best teams to go to Rio. USA Track & Field (USATF) has stated that they will take to Rio a team of young promises who will be the surprises for the Beijing Olympic Games.

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